You can now enjoy your space throughout the year. Our frameless system is perfect for interior divisions, and for enclosing balconies, terraces and patios. The patent pending Side Lock System, unique to Glass Curtains®, is an integral part of our world’s most water tight frame less folding doors. 

The Sidelock compresses panels together to provide the greatest security and weather tightness of folding doors on the market today.

Unlike traditional sliding doors and windows, frameless Glass Curtains® are fully retractable. To open, simply slide, swing and stack the glass panels to the side. Each panel can be individually moved, giving you many various opening possibilities and full control of your air flow or entry way.

 Glass Curtains® are temporary installations, as they are surface mounted (similar to curtains or blinds’ installation). They are not structurally installed like doors and windows; Glass Curtains® can be uninstalled in minutes.  In addition, Glass Curtains® are sturdy and safe, as they do not flap about dangerously in windy conditions; unlike regular roller blinds and curtains.

Unlike top-hung systems, our glass panels sit on on the bottom track, resulting in a sturdier structure, and easier gliding. The bottom track can also be laid inside your floor. Glass Curtains® are fully retractable, so you always have the flexibility of reverting to your original layout.

Unique Opening System - No Turning Arm