Glass Curtains SEA Co., LTD is sole distributor of Single glazed frameless system – Glass Curtains®. Glass Curtains® became available in

Vietnam, Thailand & Cambodia since October 2017.

As authorized distributor of Glass Curtains®; Glass Curtains SEA Co., LTD provides the technical know-how, imports the components and tracks, and offers made-to-measure installation services for :

Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia in South East Asia.

 With over 20 years in the frameless glass industry that includes both retail and wholesale experience, we have manufacturing points in South East Asia that allows us to service you and your customers in a rapid and efficient way. In order to preserve the Glass Curtains® brand and reputation around the globe we do look for some key qualities in distributors that we take on board to become a part of the international team.

 In summary, we look for experienced professional within the glazing industry that are able to represent the Glass Curtains® products & brand around the world, no matter the country or language. Contact us now to arrange a free site visit to your location, at your convenience.